Musty Smell in an Air Conditioner

You have your air conditioner running for the hot summer season but you start to notice a musty smell in the air. You figure it might just pass over so you don’t think much about it. However, it does seem to get worse over time. At first you aren’t sure where the musty smell is coming from so you check out your entire house from top to bottom to find out where it is coming from. The most likely cause of a musty smell is a damp basement but if you have checked your basement and the musty smell is not coming from there, the next thing to check is your dehumidifier or your air conditioner.

The musty smell is actually caused by mold growing and mold can be detrimental to your health or the health of your loved ones so it is of utmost importance that you locate the source of the musty smell and eliminate it. If you have anyone that is suffering from breathing problems such as asthma this musty smell could cause them to have a severe asthma attack. Mold is not healthy for anyone to be breathing in and more so for someone who has breathing problems. If you find that the musty smell is coming from your air conditioning unit, it might be that the drip pan or the coils need to be cleaned in it. You could also check the fabric duct to see if it needs to be replaced. If you are using a central air system, you will note that half your central air unit is outside of the house and the other half is inside your house. You will want to locate the air handler on the central air system. It could be located in your attic or the basement. The air handler has an air filter which you do need to replace on a regular basis.

If you don’t have a central air system you will want to replace or clean the filter that is inside of your air conditioning unit. You should be doing this on a regular basis and not waiting until you notice the musty smell. The musty smell is a very unpleasant odor and it is also a very distinctive odor. It is imperative that you look after your cooling systems so that it doesn’t get to the point of having to smell the offensive musty odor.

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